HiGeen Hand Sanitizer Gel with vitamin beads

* Red Fruits ,Papaya , Kiwi , Lemon ,Damask Rose ,Cucumber ,Marine ,Jasmine ,Oud , Wild Berry , Passion Flower ,Blue Flowers , Together

Kills 99% of germs instantly.

Disinfects & cleans hands without water or soap.

Rich with vitamin beads and glycerin that keeps your hands soft and delicate.

Bactericidal, fungicidal and virus inactivating.

110 ml PET Bottle 30 Bottles / Carton
50 ml PETG Bottle 48 Bottles/ Carton

HiGeen Antiseptic Hand & Body Wash

For fresh and healthy skin.
With a delicate fragrance.
Neutral pH suitable for all types of skin.
Removes dirt, protects against germs & strong odours.
Contains glycerine that keeps skin soft & delicate.
500 ml PET bottle

HiGeen Fungazi Foot Cream

A broad spectrum antimicrobial cream that provides unsuitable environment for microbial growth as it contains Tea Tree Oil that provides a powerful antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral activity. Contains specially formulated molecular sieve that attracts and traps odours that result from normal flora growth in the toes area. Thus, bad odour causing molecules are completely removed rather than just been masked. Moisturizing foot cream.
30 g Tube